Best Pegged Jeans For Women [February 2024]

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Pegged jeans have been very popular recently. For the uninitiated, pegged just means tapered…but like excessively tapered.

In many cases, they are wide at the hips and taper toward the ankle to exaggerate the tapered look.

These were uber popular in the 1980s and 90s, but are still around and being made by some of our favorites.

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Frequent Questions About Pegged Jeans

How Do You Peg Men’s Jeans?

Raise the hem to the thinnest part of the ankle. This helps the fold stay stiff.

Pull the inside seam into a fold. Use your thumb and
index finger to pinch the inside seam. Pull it away from your ankle. Fold the flap backward vertically so it sits on top of the denim behind it. Make the fold tight as possible.

Fold the bottom seam up 1/2 inch and hold the fold with one hand and use your other hand to fold up the entire bottom seam. Try to make the fold the same height.

The Best Pegged Jeans

And a little about what makes each special…

How Do I Taper My Pants At The Ankle?

You can use a button or elastic to taper your pants. Otherwise, you can fold them over and fold them so they don’t move around anywhere.

What Does It Mean To Peg Your Pants?

When you peg your pants, it simply means, you can either use buttons or a method to roll them to make them taper at the ankle.

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