Best Rugby Shirt [February 2024]

A rugby shirt is know for it’s famous horizontal stripes in alternating colors. There is a V neck as part of the design. They will usually have a number on the back. They are not typically meant for actual wear during the game because they are more for the “team” look off the field. They are also designed with a smaller collar so as not to rip if they are worn during competition.

Our Favorite Rugby Shirts

And a little about what makes each special…

How Do Men Wear Rugby Shirts?

You should wear it with bold contrasting colors. That has become popular these days with the revival of the typical rugby shirt. They are for casual wear, usually with a pair of jeans. They are also able to be worn as athletic wear as that is one original purpose. They are also good to wear with a pair of khakis.

You do not tuck in Rugby shirts. They are considered a more sporty casual shirt, and they have an even hem.