3×1 + Le Mani Handloom Experience

Le Mani_1

Ever been curious about the creation process of denim? Well you are in luck. 3×1 will host premium Italian mill, Berto, in celebration of their US launch of Le Mani, a collection of hand loomed denims.

As part of the launch, a handloom will be brought in from Italy and set up exclusively at 3×1’s Mercer location and give its customers the experience of how the denim is made. From November 11th, you’ll be able to see 3 yards of two different denim each day being created, a dark indigo and a medium, and also be able to create a pair for yourself. But due to its exclusivity, 10 pairs of each fabric for either custom or bespoke styles will be available.

How many of you are excited about this experience? It is definitely something that I am sure any denim head would love seeing, especially in the house of a brand that has a strong focus on the heritage of denim.

Le Mani_2