5 Denim Disasters to Avoid

We found this article on SheKnows.com and had to share it with our readers. We agree on most points but had to interject on a few so-called “disasters”.

Your favorite pair of jeans is like your security blanket — soft and comfy. But do they make you look good or goofy?
You can be comfortable and stylish in denim — just make sure to stay away from these huge no-no’s:
1. The dreaded “muffin top”
A symptom of super-low rise jeans, the muffin top occurs when your stomach or back fat spills over your waistband. Ladies, keep in mind that just because you look okay from the front does not mean you get the all-clear from behind. If there is any spillage, you need a larger size of jeans — or, at the minimum, a longer (and not-too-tight) shirt.

2. Tapered jeans
No one will care how skinny your ankles are when you’re wearing jeans that make your hips look like the Titanic. (Maybe this is why this style originally went out back in the 80s.) This rule goes for skinny jeans, too — only wear them if you’re 15 pounds underweight or more. Which means for most of us: just don’t. (Editor’s Note: We disagree on this one – the right skinnies can be worn by just about anyone with the right top.)

3. Mom jeans
These denims, the laughingstock of the fashion world, feature high waistbands and flat butts that do nothing for anyone’s figure, least of all a mama whose body probably has, ahem, changed over the years. A mid-rise bootcut is a much better look — unless you’re petite, in which case a straighter leg will suit you better. (Editor’s Note: There’s a big difference between mom jeans and the new flattering higher rises and wider leg cuts that are popular now – again – its all about how you wear them.)

4. The wrong length
Ideally, the cuff of your jeans should reach the ground right about at your heel, especially if you’re wearing pumps. This will mean buying jeans in different lengths, one for for heels and another for flats. The splurge is worth it! (Just be sure you’re not going to trip yourself up. Even in the finest denim trousers, falling on your behind is never attractive.)

5. Cheaping out
Without necessarily going to an extreme, there is a reason that designer jeans cost more than the discount retailer’s house brand: when you find the one that suits your body type, they will really fit and flatter. A pair of jeans with a really awesome cut, color and construction will slim what’s wide, smooth what’s lumpy, and top it all off with a little va-va-va-voom.

What other denim disasters can you think of?