9 Essentials for Winter

The 9 stylish finds you should be wearing this winter.

01. Cut-Out Jeans

(Image via http://fashion-gams.blogspot.com/)

Cut out jeans are all the rage, get some good ones here:



Soho Girl

…orrrr you can easily DIY it! Cut up those jeans smushed in the back of your closet. They need a good facelift anyway right?

02. Maxi Shirt

(Image via Locksandtrinkets.com)

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t get ENOUGH of maxi shirts. They’re like a dress that you can wear year round and layer a million ways with any outfit. Literally the perfect year round piece.

Get some here:


Cami Shade

03. Boyfriend Jeans

Yes the cut-out jeans are basically boyfriend jeans with holes but because the “boyfriend” trend has taken the fashion world by storm, I thought I’d give the boyfriend jean its own number. They’re cool, casual, comfortable and can easily be dressed up so basically, the perfect jean since the skinny hit the block.

Get some killer pairs here:


…or you can head over to Goodwill or your local thrift store, buy a pair that’s a little on the bigger side and distress/cuff them yourself.

04. Cropped Hoodie

(Image via bysamiiryan.com)

Another great layering piece to keep you warm well into Spring.

Get your cropped hoodies here:


…orrrr guess what? You can DIY this sucker too! Grab a hoodie from Goodwill or Target (etc.) and cut!

*Don’t forget to measure how far down you want to cut it, you don’t want any shoulder crops!

05. Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans are stylish and functional; wear them with heels or tuck them easily into your rain boots (or regular boots) with no gathering or bunching. They elongate the legs whether your in heels or flats and no girl should say no to that!

Got your cigarette jeans here:

Cigarette Jeans

….DIY option? Cut a pair of long jeans and roll them up to cover up the raw edges. Done and done!

06. Flannels

(Image via The Fashion Philosophy)

Flannels have made their comeback in the last year or so, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have one (I’m just kidding, it’s ok if you don’t have one… just get one ASAP if you don’t). They grunge up any look or work as a great layering piece with pretty much anything.

Flannels, HERE:


*also thrift-able!

07. Chambray Button Ups

My favorite ways to wear Chambray tops?

-Alone with a pair of bottoms (literally any bottoms will work)

-Denim on Denim

-Under a sweater with the collar popping out

Now you try:

True Religon

08. Chunky Knits

Chunky knits. They keep you warm, layer well, look cute, and make you feel like your wearing PJs…well, fashionable PJs.

Chunky Knits? Right here:


09. Velvet

I can’t really think of a time where velvet WASN’T a winter must but it’s definitely trending this season. It seems to resurface in different styles each season and right now I’m loving all the kimonos, shoes and cocktail dresses that are out this year.