AG Jeans Now Use Ozone Technology


AG Adriano Goldschmied will now produce all of its denim using Ozone Technology, a process that significantly reduces the company’s water consumption, use of chemicals and dirty energy. Both the Los Angeles based factory and its sister facility in Mexico will begin using the technology immediately.

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants available to mankind. It has been used for water and food purification as well as in the hospitality industry to provide a superior laundry process. More recently, Ozone has been found to be extremely effective in the denim industry, with Koos Manufacturing being the industry leader in the use of this technology on 100% of its denim.

Koos Manufacturing applies Ozone Technology to its denim manufacturing as a dry process that essentially produces a cleaner finish to the jean, in a much quicker time frame and uses no water during its cycle. Normally jeans are rinsed with large amounts of water to get rid of the excess indigo from the garment, and chemicals are applied to fade the jean and clean up indigo bleeds on the pocket linings. When a jean is ÔÇÿozonized’ however, those processes are drastically reduced, if not eliminated. The ozone acts as a bleach to disinfect the garment, kill bacteria and clean up the indigo, dramatically lowering water consumption and greatly lowering energy and chemical usage.

Koos Manufacturing expects to reduce its consumption of water, chemicals and dirty energy by approximately 25% annually, helping to save the world one jean at a time.

AG Jeans have just started using the eco-friendly laundry process called on 100% of their denim, which will help reduce their use of water, chemicals and dirty energy by approximately 25% annually! Ozone (yes the gas in the sky) has been used as a disinfectant in many industries in the past and is just now being used by the denim world. It’s basically used to clean, disinfect, and get rid of bacteria on sheets, towels, food, air, etc. They are one of the ONLY denim brands to be able to say they are using this on 100% of their denim as they run a vertically integrated factory and control 100% of their wash processes, unlike other denim brands.

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