Fit Tips – Denim 101

Can’t find a pair of jeans that fits you just right? Read on for some fabulous fit tips for shopping for your next pair of designer denim!

Trying on jeans

Shopping for jeans can be very frustrating. For the average female it takes 10 style attempts to find 1 you love. We want to help alleviate some of the pain with these tips.

Tip #1 ~ What brand should I try? All bodies are not created equal nor are all brands. The KEY is to NOT decide you can’t wear a brand by trying on only one style. Denim gurus have studied body types and will more than likely have a style within their line that fits your body type. Your closet could have lots of different brands.

If you try a brand, say for example a pair of Joe’s Jeans. If the style does not fit you, then attempt different fits of Joe’s. This extensive line has a fit for almost everyone so take advantage of it by experiencing the Socialite, the Rocker, and the Honey.

Tip #2 ~ What size am I? Contemporary denim tends to run smaller in mindset but actually it is designed to fit you better. The introduction of low percentages of stretch within denim allows the jeans to form more to your body and actually “feel” more comfortable. Bigger jeans are not better. The myth that big jeans make you look smaller is not true. Jeans that are to tight look like you are “trying to hard”. Too tight is when your undergarments show through, lack of breath or inability to sit. But in all seriousness, your jeans should be comfortable. Wear jeans that fit! Your jeans should pull on snuggly but not require lying back on a bed to zip them.
















Tip #3 ~ What style is best for my body type? Again all bodies are not created equal so trying on all types of jeans is the best answer. We do have a few suggestions.

  • No Booty? Jeans with flap pockets look great. They give a fuller look. Suggestion: True Religion Joey and 575 Cargo

  • Too much Booty? Pick a style that does not have an exaggerated pocket. The styles with medium size pockets positioned inward will compliment this body type. Suggestion: Joe’s Socialite or Honey and True Religion Bobby

Tip #4 ~ How low should you go? This is a personal trend decision. Low rise jeans can be more comfortable and very sexy but do require a bending over practice. The acts of showing more than people want to see is not a trend. The jean expert recommends the longer top styles that do cover this area during exposed moments. We do not recommend rises lower than 7.5” for body types with a fuller mid-drift. These styles will accentuate verses flatter. Pick a little higher rise just below or at the belly button area for a more sexy look.

Tip #5 ~ Why are jeans always to long on me? Contemporary denim typically comes in one length between 33” & 35” inseams. This length requires the majority of us to take a trip to the alterations place. When altering your jeans you want to save a novel hem. First, see if the alteration location has the ability to copy the hem if cut off. Another great option is to cut the jean and raise the original hem. This gives a second hem line which is also a trend.

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