G-Star’s RAW Magazine Available For iPad!

During this month of September, G-Star RAW begins the global distribution of over 4 million copies of its 5th RAW Magazine. Alongside the print version, the denim brand has also created a RAW Magazine for iPad! This interactive digital version includes video content on most of the topics discussed in the RAW Magazine and showcases more images.

“The RAW Magazine pulls readers closer into G-Star’s world. In the current edition, G-Star tells you more about its new and unorthodox brand face Vincent Gallo; talks to the daughter of iconic modernist Jean Prouv├® about G-Star’s collaboration with Vitra; shows the must-have jackets for the season; and gives you a closer look into the G-Star women’s collections.”

The RAW Magazines will be distributed in G-Star Stores and through several major newspapers around the world such as: the NY Times (USA), the Observer (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald (AU), Urban (IT), El Pais (ES), Spits and Glamcult (NL), S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung (GE), Sport & Style (FR), Natt & Dag (NO), MetroXpress (DK), Der Standard (AT), Kinki (CH). Will you be having a look at the magazine on your iPad?