Gemma Arterton is the new face of G-Star

Gemma Arterton has replaced Liv Tyler as the new face of G-Star Raw. The brand announced their selection of the British actress for the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

Gemma is known for a variety of different roles, from the blockbuster, Prince of Persia to the stage production of Master Builder in London. It was her unique career choices as well as her ability to stay connected to her humble roots. It was this dichotomy that caught G-Star’s attention. The brand felt she encapsulated the brand’s philosophy of combining unexpected elements, chic and raw, street and chic, jeans and silk.

Gemma stated, “I feel like a tough girl in a fancy frock sometimes, and I think G-Star is the same. I like the contradiction between glamour and durability. Sometimes people are shocked when they meet me because of this contradiction.”

The Spring/Summer 2011 campaign will also feature chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. The campaign was shot by Anton Corbijn and will appear in magazines and advertisements in February. You can read more about what it is like to be the face of G-Star and keep up with any new developments on Gemma’s blog at G-Star.com.