How to wash your designer jeans

how to wash your designer jeans

We found this article on and thought we’d share it. Afterall, if we are paying big bucks for our designer denim, we want it to last, right? Check out these instructions on how to wash & care for your designer denim! Oh, and the photo above is a joke, people!

How to Wash your Designer Jeans

A recent article posted on entitled “How to Wash Your Seven Jeans” got me thinking about the best practices in caring for your designer jeans. The article outlines the proper precautions to take when washing a pair of Seven Jeans. Given the garment’s level of quality and durable but delicate fabric, it is important to take care when washing to ensure a longer life of the jean and to maintain the great quality that the denim had at the time of purchase.
According to this particular article, “The ideal way to wash your seven jeans is to wash it upside down (inside out). Doing this will help you in two ways. First it will keep the color and the variations made in the shade of the jeans intact. Secondly the friction that develops while you wash several denim clothes together in a washing machine; gets reduced to a great extent.”

This is sound advice but True Jeans also has a few additional tips to help you extend the life of your jeans, keep them from fading, and keep them from shrinking:

  • Pay attention to any special wash and care instructions that may be listed on the tags.
  • Turn jeans inside out prior to washing to reduce fading.
  • Keep water temperature below 110 degrees.
  • Use a mild detergent.
  • Never put more than four pairs of jeans in the washing machine at once.
  • Avoid the dryer. Let jeans air dry. “

We personally hate our jeans to feel stiff after airdrying, so we throw them in the dryer, inside out on low for a few minutes just to soften them up. So far so good! Read more tips from HF members on how to wash designer denim!