Live in Boston? Become a fit consultant for TrueJeans.com!

fit tester

At True Jeans, we test every brand and style of jeans on a wide variety of body types in order to gather important data that helps us better predict which jeans best fit each customer. Be a Fit Tester, and schedule a free, one on one appointment to find your true fit with the help and expertise from a True Jeans Fit Specialist.

If you live in the Greater Boston area or are planning to be in town on a specific date, and would like to schedule an appointment with a True Jeans Fit Specialist, click here to request an appointment.

Be a Fit Tester, and receive individualized attention and advice from a jeans expert to help you find jeans that fit your unique body. Fit Test consultations can be scheduled individually or with a group of friends. Fit Testers are a valuable part of the True Jeans community and get 15% off all purchases at each Fit Test consultation. Fit Testers may also receive special offers, and opportunities to participate in private True Jeans fashion events.

Our Fit Specialists have degrees in fashion design, and will help you have a pleasant and efficient jeans shopping experience. At your private fitting you will be introduced to a wide variety of jeans brands, styles, and washes. Fit specialists are trained to make you feel at ease while taking your measurements and trying on jeans. It is not required to buy jeans at a Fit Test consultation.

To schedule an appointment for yourself or for a group, fill out the Fit Test Request Form and a True Jeans Fit Specialist will contact you to confirm or schedule your free Fit Test consultation.”