Now we’ve seen it all…

Schultz Jeans

If you want a laugh, check out SchultzJeans.com. We normally try to be nice, but this is just comical to us.

From their website:

Thanks to the revolutionary new Schultz strap*, there’s a whole new way of wearing jeans. If you like your jeans low-slung or even open at the fly, the Schultz strap keeps your jeans on and your hands free from constantly hitching them up. Worn at the front on the inside of the jeans, the Schultz strap gives sufficient support to even allow you to wear your Schultz jeans with the fly open, displaying your new designer Schultz underwear (and anything else you may feel like showing off!)”

Ahem, okay, forgive us, but WHO wears their jeans open at the fly in order to show off their junk?! Hello?! Just buy jeans that aren’t too big and they won’t fall down! This website mostly sells underwear but now they have jeans with matching underwear and the “Schultz Strap” you can buy too.

Are we the only ones who think this is hilariously funny? Or would you guys out there actually buy these?