Online Sample Sale: Hudson Jeans!

Hudson Jeans SAMPLE SALE!
Hurry! It’s on now through February 5th! It is at – you must be referred by a member to sign up! Use as the email address of your referred or simply click this link to join. We love the triangle flap pocket designs of Hudson jeans – guaranteed to make you look like you have more booty if you are lacking in that area.

*Disclaimer from the Editor: Please note – this site is not as of yet a secured site. We have an email in to the owners of the RegentsSecret to find out when this will be fixed and got a reply that they are checking into the issue. We have ordered from them in the past and have not had any problems, however, we recommend that if you do, you get a secure key from your credit card company before you order. Many card companies like MBNA/American Express and even PayPal credit cards have this option – you can set a pre-set limit of, for example, $200, and they will give you a special credit card number to enter on non-secure sites so that your personal credit card number cannot be stolen.*