Posh Relegated To Fashion’s Basement


We previously reported that several L.A. boutiques had dropped dVb denim, which turned out to be untrue, but now even Forbes.com is supporting that story, along with the fact that dVb denim is being dropped to the bargain basement stores, and their prices slashed. Maybe there is some truth to this. To those of you with a Loehmann’s near you, can you confirm or deny?

LONDON – Victoria Beckham’s pricey denim line has reportedly been demoted to less than posh surroundings.

Since hanging up her microphone, the Spice Girl has moved into the bitchy world of fashion, drawing on her “classy” image to become a top celebrity designer.

But her aspirations appear to have taken a hit. According to the British paper The Daily Mail, her dVb jeans have been axed from L.A.’s exclusive boutiques and are now being sold for knock-down prices in bargain-basement stores like Loehmann’s.

It is not the first time that Victoria’s attempts to appear high-class have been undermined by associations with the tacky.

The wife of soccer star David Beckham got her footing in fashion in 2004 by creating a line of casual wear with the denim brand Rock & Republic. After she struck off on her own with her dVb line, she was hit by sniping that she uses low-quality materials for her jeans.

A spokesman for Robert de Keyser, owner of distributor Dekeyser Fashions, said: “The new Beckham range appears to be seriously overpriced for a line which is made, unlike other premium denims, in China out of a cheap fabric.

“Whatever Victoria learned about denim from working with Rock & Republic appears to have been lost.”

If that’s true, then maybe dVb’s demotion to the bargain bins is simply a case of the market correcting itself.

Her jeans were selling for upward of $280 at the toney L.A. boutiques Kitson and Fred Segal. At Loehmann’s, they can be had for $69.99.

The latest gossip may only be a blip in Team Beckham’s mission to conquer America. Hubby Dave is leading the goal assist charts in Major League Soccer and Victoria has reportedly been asked by Tom Cruise to design costumes for his upcoming film project with Ben Stiller, Hardy Men, an updating of The Hardy Boys books.

If they can retain their top-celebrity status, then her jeans will keep attracting attention, regardless of the denim or distribution outlets used.