Rag and Bone: Designers do good

Image from NYtimes.com

Rag & Bone may be a celeb favorite but designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have the average Joe in mind. The factory workers in Micaville, North Carolina faced a unemployment after Levi Strauss began outsourcing to Mexico. Rag & Bone came to the rescue when they enlisted the factory produce their denim line, as well as attracting other apparel retailers such as Helmut Lang, and Gap to the factory. By keeping the work local, the designers felt it would not only help the locals but also insure the craftsmanship and quality they hold standard in their line.

As Marcus Wainwright explains, “We feelÔÇöon a different scale, obviouslyÔÇöthat there’s a certain handcrafted individuality in the clothes that we make. Some of the ladies that sew Rag & Bones clothes are over 60-years-old and have been sewing since they were 18. That shows.”

You can read more about their story and Rag & Bone at Men’s Vogue.