Smart Girls Rock!

Let us take a moment before snarking on the fact that Vanilla Star isn’t designer denim. What they are doing is promoting positive self image for young girls, which is missing from the fashion industries for our young and impressionable tween and teenage market. In a time when celebs like Paris Hilton are celebrated for acting like a dumb blonde, this is a refreshing change.


Vanilla Star Jeans, one of the top jean brands for kids & juniors is sending the message for back to school that “Smart Girls Rock” and that they can live whatever dreams they envision. That is a pretty cool message – smart girls do rock!

Vanilla Star Jeans is the rising star of tween and junior labels amongst major retailers such as Macy’s, Belk, Wet Seal and JC Penney’s, just to name a few. Vanilla Star has set its sights on celebrating the positive attributes of young women by allowing them to ‘live their dream’ through the Live The Dream Scholarship, awarded annually to young women to pursue their dreams in academics, fashion, sport & entertainment.