What to buy your man for the Holidays!

We got some comments on our Holiday picks for the ladies that, hey, guys read the blog too! Okay guys – so here’s one for you. This is what we think we’ll get our guy for the Holidays – our top Men’s picks. Tell us if you agree or what other items are on YOUR wishlist this holiday!

Rock & Republic Taylor Jeans

1. Rock & Republic Taylor Jeans. (Above). His butt looks perkier in flap pockets too! So hot!

Affliction Shirt

2. Affliction T-shirts & Thermals. (Above). Our guy loves them and looks so good in them!

Juicy Men’s Pants

3. Juicy Couture Lounge Pants. (Above). He’s going to kill us for telling you this, but he always steals my Juicy pants (from when I was a size bigger) to lounge around the house in. He can’t deny they are super comfy, and its time he had his own pair!

Doc Martens

4. New Doc Marten Boots. (Above). They were big in the 80’s and our man still loves his but GOD they are falling APART and they look like he bought them in the 80’s! Time for some new ones to wear with his new Rocks!

Diesel Wortice Jacket

5. Diesel Wortice Jacket. (Above). This jacket is so hot and would complete our man’s look we’ve assembled here!