Would you wear these Heeless Heels with your denim?

Okay – these are just so crazy, it had to be blogged. First it was the Marc Jacob’s backward heel, now we bring you the heeless heel from designer Antonio Berardi. They are rapidly becoming hot with celebrities, as Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow have all allegedly scooped up pairs. They run $3,600 a pair. OMG!

The designer claims that it isn’t as easy as it looks to topple backwards in these but you do need to be careful. Obviously, you need to step on the balls of your feet, as opposed to the heel. Berardi claims “When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty.” Errr…or really idiotic…partly because of the shoe and partly for spending $3,600 on them!

According to ShoeHunting.com:

The idea of the heeless shoe is not new, and if you’re looking to try this trend, check out United Nude’s collection. United Nude has a whole line of “heeless” shoes that look a little more supportive, and won’t set you back four grand.

So what do we all think about these heeless heels? Would you try them?

Antonio Berardi’s Heeless Heel

Marc Jacobs Backwards Heel