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Who Wore It Best: Siwy Camilla Shorts

With summer in full swing, it seems as though tons of celebrities have broken out their Siwy Camilla shorts. Although the style has been popular for a couple of years, the wide variety of washes and great fit have kept them a celebrity favorite.

Miley Cyrus seems to own a pair in every color, dressing them up or keeping them casual, both Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are huge fans and have worn quite a few different washes. Hilary Duff opted to wear hers with casual style tee shirts, while Heidi Klum wore a pale pink pair that matched her floral blouse.

Kourtney Kardshian also dressed hers up, wearing them with a silk blouse and platforms. LeAnn Rimes has worn the tie dye wash before which was complemented by a black tee and heels. Britney Spears wore hers on the beach with her bikini top while Anna Kournikova wore hers with a baseball jersey. Both Rachel Bilson and Kristin Stewart wore the same gray wash, Rachel with a striped tee and Kristin with a gray tee. Kristin Cavallari has worn a couple of different pairs, each time with her relaxed California-girl style. Which look do you prefer?

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