Cheap Monday Denim Brands

My Top 3 Denim Brands Under $100 For Men

Nothing beats premium denim, but there are many great brands out there that are under $100. Here are my top three brands that I have tried out and are still my go to when I can’t find anything. These are just my favorites, but feel free to tell us some of yours that are under $100. Check out my favorites below.

1. You can never go wrong with these. I have to say that the Levi’s 511s has to be my favorite fit by them. They are also what I have to say still one of the best brands out there. The measurements on these are prefect. The rise is not to high, contrary to what it is said to be and they are also cut slim but still has room for movement. If you haven’t tried these (which I doubt), then you should really give these a try. They will last forever. Click here to purchase these jeans for $54.

2. This is also another great brand. I think Cheap Mondays are great because of the stretch in their jeans. It just makes it so much easier to move in right when you get them. They are also cut very slim. The only dislike I have on these jeans would have to be the rise. It is just way too high for me, which makes it very uncomfortable if you wear your jeans low. Other than that, these are really great. Click here to purchase these jeans for $65.

3. These BDG Jeans would have to be the softest of the three. They are thin, but they will last a couple of years, if taken care of. They are cut slimmer than it is portrayed in the photo above. The rise on these is also slightly high, but it can be accommodated. They also have some really great washes to choose from. Click here to purchase these jeans for $49.