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We are in the golden age of artisan clothing. Streetstyle, premium denim, high fashion and more have converged, with more influencers, brands, and chic looks than ever before. What started with The Sartorialist and other social-media fashion pioneers has evolved into something awesome and massive.

If you are part of that fashionable world, however, there is one problem. How do you keep up? Knowing what the latest and best is — from brands, to influencers, to styles — requires tons of effort. Superhuman effort, really, if you have day job, side gig, and weekend hustle.

That’s where we come in. DenimBlog started back in 2007 as a place to talk about premium denim, right when the industry was starting to jump off. Now more than a ever, our readers need guidance, advice, and a critical eye to cut through the noise and find what’s actually cool in denim.

We set you up in a few ways…

1. Denim Brands — We have the biggest list of active denim brands anywhere online. Every day we talk with new brands, re-imagined brands, and known brands about what they are releasing, what’s new with their collection, and where their design vision is going. Check out the example below

DSTLD Review

Madewell Review

Everlane Review

3×1 Jeans Review

DL1961 Review

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2. Individual Jeans Reviews — Today is the age of the try on haul, and we’ve been trying on for years. We’ve reviewed the iconic styles from the iconic denim brands, telling you the tea on fit, wash, look, comfort and more.

Paige Verdugo Review

Diesel’s JoggJeans Review

7 For All Mankind’s Gwenevere Review


3. Denim Industry Reporting — For those of you who love reading about the denim industry, we are researching trends and topics that you will find interesting. See our denim trends guide as an example.

Real Denim Trends of 2019

Paris Fashion Week 2019

New York Fashion Week 2019


4. The Bests — Sometimes all you want to know is what’s hot. If your life is busy, then we can make it simple. Find the best jeans and accessories for partying, working, and more.

The Best Men’s Stretch Jeans

The Best High Waisted Jeans

Best Women’s Jeans

Best Men’s Jeans

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5. Denim Guides & Tips Caring For Your Denim — Ever wonder how to wash, hem, or otherwise care for your premium denim? Look no further…

How to Hem Your Jeans

Jeans Size Chart

Find the Perfect Skinny Jeans

How to Stretch Your Jeans

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