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Denim Review DL1961 [July 2019]

Dl 1961 Jeans

Dl 1961 Jeans

In the world of premium denim, knowing what’s what can be exhausting. With all the washes, brands, lines, and personalities in the industry, you need to do quite a bit of investigation to stay in the loop.

This article is all about DL1961, a premium denim brand based in NYC.

In fact, we’ve written quite a bit about DL1961 before…

Below, we go through some of our favorite jeans from their current collection. Each pair has some info about what DenimBlog thinks and what other customers have said. Ready? Let’s go!

DL1961 Fit Guide

Before we get to the jeans let’s talk a little about fit – one thing that DL1961 is well known for is its claim to have perfect fitting jeans (check out their size chart below)

Dl1961 Fit Guide

Dl1961 Fit Guide

This is due to the fabric technology they use in their collection. Though it sounds like marketing talk, the truth is that their entire collection is very, noticeably comfortable. Check out the sizing details below, including a link to their fit guide.

Editor’s Choice for DL1961

Editor’s Choice for DL1961 🌟

DL1961 Jerry

The DL1961 ‘Jerry’ is a mid-rise skinny jean from made with their instasculpt fabric for shape retention. This fit is comparable to the DL1961 ‘Florence’ fit but with a shorter inseam Love this fit? Try the DL1961 ‘Florence’. It fits exactly like the DL1961 Jerry. The only difference is that the length is slightly longer.

Fabric & Color

These jeans are available in grey and dark blue (called Moscow) like in the reference photo. The Instasculpt in their title refers to the fabric used in each piece, Tencel lyocel, a stretch/new fabric.

What Others Think

These jeans are universally loved and praised for having just the “right amount” of stretch, stretch retention, and flattering appearance.

Our Favorites from DL1961

and a little about what makes each pair special…


DL1961 Shorts

DL1961 Shorts

DL1961 Daria Shorts $159.00

DL1961 offers a few pairs of shorts and skirts, both is regular and maternity. I’m going to talk about my favorite of the bunch, The Daria.

Why Wear The Daria?

These shorts are perfect for summer, with their low-rise fit and carefree raw hem. Not too short but short enough, these would look great on a night out in an informal setting.

Fabric & Color

The Daria come in two washes – a light and dark jean. They do not use the same stretch material as the jean above, so the fit is more like a traditional blue jean.

What Others Think

Lots of love given to the Darias for their versatility — as you could wear them in a work environment (not too short) and look, with the frayed edges and destruction they do look very chic.


DL1961 Emma

DL1961 Emma

DL1961 Emma $95.00

The DL1961 Emma is a the low-rise option from the DL collection. It has a slimming look and super comfortable fabric — many have noted how its more like a jegging than typical blue jean.

Why Wear The Emma?

The Emma are famous for their fit and comfort and are universally praised for how flattering they are. As a low-rise jean, their slightly less formal than the Margaux and Florence (both mid-rise), so they are a better fit for a more casual setting.

Fabric & Color

Like the other jeans mentioned, the Emma use the same blend fabric, giving them a stretchy, comfortable feel. Available in a ton of washes, including a dark khaki called “Bristol”.

What Others Think

DL1961 is praised for their stylish appearance, comfortable fit, an versatility. One thing to note is that many women size down due to the stretch of the fabric.


DL1961 Florence

DL1961 Florence

DL1961 Florence $178.00

The DL1961 Florence is a mid-rise instasculpt skinny jean with a contoured waistband and figure-flattering fit. Some reports of bagginess relative to other styles (The Margaux seen above).

Why Wear The Florence?

Each wash has a seasonless quality that makes this jean perfect all year round. The light, breathable fabric also works in most situations, except for very hot weather. Generally, the chic fit and versatility make these jeans a great choice as a lead role in your closet.

Fabric & Color

The Florence come in dark grey, dark blue, blue, white, and black. The lighter washes have quite a bit of fade with the darker being true to the base color. The material is DL1961’s blend material that has more stretch than traditional fabrics.

What Others Think

DL1961 has mostly positive reviews. Two things worth noting are some reports that the ankle is looser than expected. Excessive bagginess after a few washes has also been noted a few times online. That said, I’ve had neither problem with my Florences and find the fit very true and the material very resilient.

Research / Frequent Questions

Do Dl1961 run small?

They do not. They actually seem to run a bit big

What is dl1961?

DL 1961 is a brand of denim that was the first denim to include lycra and stretch material in them. It was founded in 2008

Wrap Up on DL1961

The verdict is clear on DL1961, regardless of the jeans you end up with, the quality of the material and attention to detail on the design side will leave you happy.

Of all the denim brands we’ve surveyed, DL1961 scored the highest among satisfaction and love from those who wear their jeans. Personally, I’ve found the brand to be excellent and always improving their washes, design, and aesthetic.

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