New Denim Brand: Fabrizio Gianni

Fabrizio Gianni is a brand that has been around for a while but we haven’t really known about. They have a lot of corduroy pants and a tonne of colours! This is the main focus for the brand, the colours, they develop loads of washes each season so there is something for everyone! They retail for under $200 and they use lightweight, quality materials along with their production happening in the USA. Their pants are said to be super comfortable with a sophisticated fit while the pants keep their shape and don’t end up sagging. They say that Fabrizio Gianni pants are ideal for traveling because of the comfort and softness to them as well. You can read some of the press release below. What do you think of the brand?

Imagine the perfect pant: one that creates the most flattering silhouette with maximum comfort in a luxurious fabric which is ideal for traveling. Fabrizio Gianni has done just that, combining the highest quality European fabrics with unique styling to create a perfect fit for most women.

Fabrizio Gianni launched in 1998, featuring their most popular pant style at the time, the ÔÇÿBasic 1001.’ The style was so popular that women were buying several pairs at a time. As the brand grew, they decided to offer their signature styles in an array of colors. And ever since, color has been a most prominent element to the line. Today, Fabrizio Gianni is known for their spectrum of color and offers as many as 30 different hues per season.

In addition to color, Fabrizio Gianni is also known for exceptional comfort and flattering fits. Imported special European fabrics are used that combine a blend of viscose, polyester and spandex, which create a unique design for comfort. The viscose gives the fabric its luxurious quality; polyester ensures it is easy to wear and the spandex adds memory. Thus, the fabrics never lose their shape or styling. There is also a “no waistband” technology that features hidden elastic at the waist for the utmost in comfort. This feature eliminates pulling and ensures a smooth appearance.

Since starting with the perfect pant, Fabrizio Gianni has introduced a highly anticipated Jeans collection, appropriately called Fabrizio Gianni Jeans. Launched in 2004, the denim collection maintains all of the signature concepts and translates this to the same color and comfort principles with the denim line. The classic 5 pocket garment dyed jean became a fast favorite. In addition to denim, the collection also now offers corduroys, classic jersey turtlenecks along with skirts, jackets and tops. Just like the pants and denim, these pieces feature the same fabulous fabrics and color variations. Today, women all over are impressed with their amazing quality, fit and color selection own many styles in every color imaginable.