Denim Review: Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette Jeans in Black

This weeks denim review is on the new Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Leatherette skinny jeans in Black. I have reviewed an older pair of coated black jeans from the brand in the Avedon cut 2 years ago (which you can see here) and I can say that these are definitely a lot different. I love this pair so much more!

The fit of these is something that I am not entirely used to trying as they are a high rise skinny. The rise actually measures at 9.5 inches and I included a gallery image so you can see just how high it is. It’s a lot higher than I like to wear my jeans as I prefer them to be around 7 inches, however since the weather is colder now, I’m wearing more longer tops and jackets so it covers up the rise perfectly. Also since it’s this high, it actually doesn’t give you any muffin top or lumpy bumpy bits so it does work out quite well. The inseam is too long for me, it measures at almost 31 inches, which is quite long for a 10″ leg opening, so it’s perfect for the taller ladies who want a super skinny coated jean instead of an ankle version. They don’t look too long in the photos though as I did tuck the hem underneath so they weren’t as bunched up.

I took my regular size of 27 and they fit me just fine so I would say these are true to size for Citizens of Humanity. Unlike most of their jeans though, these don’t feature their signature embroidery on the back pockets, these pockets are completely plain and a little longer in length. Since these are a little larger, I don’t find them as flattering as their classic pockets, however this usually happens on higher rise jeans, they alter the pockets to compensate for the rise. These are super skinny all the way to the ankle though, as you can see, there is barely any bagginess in the legs and they fit like a glove. The only issue is that they wrinkle up a lot all over, but I know that’s down to the coating which I will talk more about in a moment. These are very soft and super stretchy, they feel a lot like a thick coated legging more than a jean as they are so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. I have worn them 3 times already and I love being in them.

Now for the coating, I love these a million times more than the previous pair I reviewed before. The old Avedon’s just had a minimal coating to them and were not super shiny at all, they were more like a subtle sheen, where as these are heavily coated and look a lot like faux leather actually. They are probably one of the best coated black jeans I have come across because they are super black, not washed out or faded at all, they are a very true and dark black which is great. They are just right for Autumn/Winter too because they are so heavily coated, the denim feels very thick. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these in Summer at all though as you would be too hot in them, but for Winter they are perfect. I know this because usually I get cold in coated jeans as they seem attract the chill, but in these I didn’t feel cold at all and over here in England we are already in the 40’s in temperature.

As far as coated denim goes, these don’t actually attract a lot of hair which I was suprised by. Usually coated jeans are an absolute hair and lint magnet, but these only attract a little so that was another bonus point for me. Especially since they are dark black. Since these are so heavily coated though they do wrinkle a lot in the legs, they sort of give that appearance that your legs might be stuffed into them, but that’s not the case. The fabric is super stretchy and thick so it does that all the time, it’s a little bit annoying, but I am hoping it will lessen as the time goes on. It’s mostly an issue on the backs of the legs by the butt and around the knee area. The coating also has a light scent to it, it’s not really strong, but you can definitely smell it, however it has lessened over time and will probably eventually fade away completely. If you stretch these jeans too much though, the waxing does start to crack a little, but I expected that since they coated a stretchy fabric. You can’t coat every single part of the fabric when it’s stretched as it wont go back into shape. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend getting them a size down and stretching them out, as it might ruin the coating.

Overall I am really happy with these jeans, I like the higher rise fit for winter for extra skin coverage, I love how comfortable and stretchy they are and I also adore the super shiny coating and the fact that they are pure black. I could do without the extra wrinkling, I think I would prefer the older Citizens back pockets and I will probably get them hemmed, but in general these are a really nice pair of coated black skinny jeans. I’ve tried quite a few in the past couple of years and these are the best ones yet. They have been popping up on quite a few celebrities at the moment too, I can’t wait to see who gets spotted out in them next. They are so versatile and very easy to wear! Have you tried them yet? If so, what’s your opinion? Buy these jeans online at for $229.

Jeans courtesy of Citizens of Humanity.