Denim Review: Hudson Barbara High Rise Skinny Jeans in Soundcheck

My denim review this week is on the new Hudson Barbara High Rise Skinny Jeans in Soundcheck. I got these from the brand a couple of months ago as they are new for Fall 2014, so I have been testing them out! So, check out this review to find out my thoughts on the new jean!

Barbara High Waist Super Skinny is a super slim fit with a 10″ rise creating a refined, elevated waistline. It has a modern five pocket style, 10” leg opening, and 30” inseam.

That’s what the bi-line on the Hudson website says and it’s completely true. I’m always honest with my reviews and I’ve tried some Hudson jeans that I wasn’t too fond of, like the Collin (didn’t like the flap pockets) and the Krista (didn’t sit right), but my all time love has been the Nico. I own the Nico in numerous washes, prints and fabrications and it’s been fantastic, but that was until the Barbara came along. I can now say that I am converted to these and love them more than the famous Nico, so I really hope they continue this cut and release lots of washes!

Like it states above, these have a 10″ rise and that’s amazing! I’m really loving higher rise jeans at the moment (like the COH Rocket) as I find they hold you in everywhere and create such a flattering silhouette when you wear longer tops. These just hold you in and eliminate muffin top entirely! I feel like they suck in your thighs too and are so flattering on the butt! I’ve said it before, but a lot of brands raise the back pockets or change the shape on high rise jeans, but Hudson didn’t. Their back pockets still sit perfectly on the butt cheeks and they really make it look pert and enhanced. This combined with the super skinny fit makes these wonderful!

The denim is of a medium weight with super stretch and a soft feel, made up of a blend of 92% cotton, 6% polyester and 2% elastane. Despite their being polyester in these (which usually itches and irritates my skin), the feel is actually really soft and gentle on the skin, since it’s lightweight and stretchy, so I didn’t even notice the polyester at all. This is amazing as it’s usually an instant turn off for me.

The Soundcheck wash is an intense darker blue, as you can see from the photos. It’s quite rich with indigo undertones, but it has some slight fading down the thighs and whiskering on the lap area, making them look slightly worn in. I will say that the wash does look authentic and it’s one that literally goes with anything, so I will definitely be wearing these more and more! I find my size to be more of a true 26 in Hudson and that’s the size I took with these. They fit me absolutely perfectly, so I couldn’t be more happy with the sizing! I would definitely say they were true to size for the brand.

Since I always list positive and negatives about the jeans I review, I’ve been trying to think of something that I didn’t like about these and I can’t. I was thinking maybe the inseam is slightly too long, but I actually like the bunching effect it gives at my ankles. So in all honesty, I love these and if you like higher rise jeans, you will too! Or if you like Hudson in general and were a fan of the Nico, you will definitely like these! You can buy these jeans online at Hudson for $198 by clicking here.

Jeans courtesy of Hudson/opinions all Lorna Burford‘s own.