Denim Review: M2F Brand Denim Skinny Jeans in Wintermelon

This weeks denim review is on a pair of M2F Brand Denim skinny jeans in Wintermelon which I got sent to try from the brand. Wintermelon is one of their newest washes for the cooler weather in their most classic skinny fit. I have mostly been used to their pale rose and lavender shades from last Summer, however I am enjoying the more intense washed colours they have for this season!

The fit of M2F skinny jeans is a lot like how I described my last pair. It’s got a mid to low rise and it’s slim in the thighs with a little looseness in the calves. I would say the leg opening is somewhere in-between a regular 12 inch skinny and a 10 inch ankle peg. It fits a lot slimmer than a 12 inch opening, but at the same time it’s not skin tight, so it has some stacking. These are great for longer legs as they have a fairly long inseam (much longer than I am used to), but I quite like the bunching up look sometimes, it makes a nice change to my usual ankle pegs. I did take a size 27 in these, which is my usual size, however they are quite snug, so I would say if you are in-between sizes, take your larger size and they should fit quite well.

M2F are at the cheaper end of the denim scale, usually their jeans retail for around $130 and are made in Mexico, but they are worth the money. The fabric is so soft! It’s really smooth and gentle against your skin and very stretchy, so they are incredibly comfortable to wear. I remember wearing my last pair around London for press days and I was comfortable the entire time and these feel just the same. Once you break them in, they end up feeling a lot like second skin to me. I love the worn in vintage feel that they give to their jeans.

The back pocket placement is really nice too. I’m sure you can see from the photo below that they are positioned well to be flattering and the actual shape of them is quite enhancing too. I really like the fit of M2F, this is my third pair and they are very consistent with the sizing and the way they fit all over. They are not the most slimming jeans I have tried because of the stone washing and general lighter washes, but they are beautiful to wear.

This new wash called Wintermelon is very intense! When I first saw the shade I thought it was beautiful. It’s stayed true to M2F’s roots so the wash is like an over dye and stone wash, it’s not a flat colour. I am not completely sure that having it washed out like this is the most flattering, but it’s definitely different. I’m so used to seeing block colours all over the place, it’s refreshing to see a coloured jean in an actual ‘wash’ so to speak. I do think they are gorgeous, but I find the grainy tone to them to be quite hard pairing things with. I like to wear a lot of block colours and I fear these wont match very well with the darker shades. I think the outfits need to be kept quite light and airy.

I’m really hoping that we might see some celebs rocking these soon! It’s nice to see such a bright and vibrant colour for Autumn/Winter! I’m so used to these shades just being for Summer only! Overall, I would say if you are looking for a jean that’s at the lower price point of premium denim and is soft and comfortable, I would definitely recommend these based on how they feel, however if you want an intense block colour, these are probably not the best option to go for. They work really well though if you want to try an actual coloured stone wash! You can buy these jeans online here for $139 and you can read my previous review on the Rose wash here.

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