Denim Review: Nico Super Skinny by Hudson


My ultimate denim crush at the moment? Hudson. I’m already OBSESSED with the Barbara’s but I got a few new pairs in my closet and I wanted to share them with you. Here is my review of the Nico ankle super skinny in Pisces, or as I like to call them…Your top shelf, go-to skinnies.


The comfort, oh the comfort:

What I love about Hudson jeans is their quality, durability and comfort. They truly have all three, which is SO HARD to find in a good pair of denim. I love the way every pair hug your body as if they were made just for you and that definitely applies to this pair. With the fabric breakdown being 90% cotton, 6% polyester and 4% elastane, that 10% elasticity is enough for them to stretch enough to fit around your curves as you put them on but also recover well enough to be tight again when they’re all the way on.


Wash and Feel:

I have the Pisces wash which is a beautiful color in the sweet spot of the denim color spectrum; not too dark not too light…just right. I can 100% dress these up if I need to and they make me look great even if I put on a worn-in sweatshirt. They are, in my eyes, a classic blue and the highlight/distress marks are in the perfect place. A lot of times these lines and patches of highlights are overdone and hit your body in a weird place which can give your body a different shape than it really has. These pups accentuate your shape, no matter what it is and have a very subtle distress, which I like.

As far as the feel goes, these pair of jeans could not be softer. They feel as if you’ve been wearing them for years and they’re at the wonderful point in their denim life where they are the perfect feel, fit and have conformed to your body (if you’ve ever had to work a pair of denim in, you’ll know what I’m talking about). I also like that the denim feels thick, like a sturdy pair of denim should, even though there’s 10% elasticity (which sometimes thins out the fabric). It feels as if there is really 5% or less woven in there.



These Nico’s fit like a glove, like I said waaay up in the second paragraph, but I want to elaborate on why for a little bit. If you’re a denim lover like me, you’ll know that everything from the pockets to the stitching can affect the way your body looks in a pair of jeans. If you didn’t know that, here are the things to look for while shopping for denim:

1. The Back Pockets. Where do they hit you body at the top of the pocket? Where do they hit your body at the bottom of the pocket? Are they too long? Too short? Do they make your butt look great or not so great?

2. The stitching on the pockets (and elsewhere). Is it too much? Is it weird? Are the colors messing with the color of the denim or the type of clothes you would wear with these jeans? Does it make your butt look great or not so great? Does it affect the fit of the jeans on your body?

3. The front pockets. Are the actual pockets too long and affect the way your thighs look? Where do the pocket openings hit? Is it flattering?

4. The rise. Are they sagging? On the flip side, is your crack showing? Most importantly, is it comfortable?

5. The length. Are they TOO long? Are they TOO short? What do you think is the perfect length for your body and are you shopping in that section/style?


To sum up the way the Nico fits…it hits all of these major points and exceeds all expectations in every one of them. Now, I’m not taking photos of my behind to show the world, I really want to show everyone how well these fit and also so you can see what I’m talking about with the pockets and stitching. The pockets hit right below my butt so it seems to give it a little “lift” if you will. The stitching is small and the “arrows” hits towards the middle-middle/bottom of the pocket so that it follows the natural shape of your body. The top of the pocket isn’t too high or too low so the pocket fits nicely around the shape of my body.

As far as the length goes, I can never seem to find a pair that hit right at the ankle without having a huge bundle of extra fabric at my foot, and I’m not even short! It baffles my mind every time I try a pair on. I know it’s nice to have a little texture at the bottom, but your average girl is not THAT tall so take it up a little bit! Which brings me to the next reason why I fell in love with these babies. There’s a little bunch at the bottom, but otherwise, they’re skinny and they hit me right at my ankle. To me, this is the perfect length and width for a super skinny pair of jeans and it’s how a pair of skinnies should fit.

The only negative feedback I have is that they sag a little bit on me which is either from stretching them a little too much when I first put them on or I need a shorter rise. Regardless, it’s not a big problem for me as I still wear them every day (no joke) and they’re just as comfortable as leggings, or pajamas for that matter, they’re THAT GOOD. They still fit me better than any other pair of jeans I’ve owned (not kidding) so they are a keeper in my eyes.


Now that you’ve read my review, what do you think? Do you own Nico’s? Any other pair of jeans you’re loving right now? Next up I’ll be reviewing the Hudson Krista Super Skinny – Noir Coated jeans. Stay tuned! Hope you enjoyed this review!

(The look: Jeans: Hudson Nico Super Skinny, Baby Tee: Valley High, Shoes: Miista, Jacket: Lulu*s, Hat: Brixton)