Denim Review: R13 Skinny in Medium Clean

My new review is rare from the ones I usually do, meaning that they are another pair of blue jeans. The R13 Skinny in Medium Clean to be exact. After so many pairs of black jeans, I thought it would be nice to freshen it up with a great pair of blues. Click through to read my review on these jeans.

I took them in my usual size 27, but as the denim is thicker they were slightly tight at the waist when I put them on. This may be just a personal issue as I wear them mid hip and not higher up where they are supposed to be. As the day went on though, they did start to loosen up just right and became more comfortable. I would say that this was the only main issue I had with these overall.

The legs and hip area are cut a bit looser on these than the black pair that I reviewed of theirs a few weeks back. I would say that they are more of a standard skinny than the previous pair, which were more of a super skinny. You can size down for a super tight fit, but keeping to your regular size wouldn’t hinder anything. In combination with the wash, I found these look really great with a cuff and is exactly how I have been wearing them.

One of the noticeable differences right away between these and the black is that they are thicker and more of a classic denim feel (less clingy to the skin). Which is how I like my blue jeans to be and I find that it suits my frame better this way. There is some stretch to them so you don’t feel restricted when moving around. As always with some stiffness, there is some slight roughness, but these still feel great against the skin. I was craving a pair with that old school jean feel for a while after wearing butter soft denim for so long. Ones that felt like I could break them down myself and get more comfortable as I wear them. Which is exactly how they feel as I wore them this past weekend.

The wash is really great and I wouldn’t expect anything else from R13. I still get amazed on how they get such exact washes of a worn pair of raw and/or selvedge denim on stretch without it looking forced. It is not just getting the wash, it is also the texture of the worn spots that is right on. Something that would not naturally happen with a stretch pair of denim.

The colors are amazing. It is a medium blue all around with faded areas on the thighs, butt and back of the calves. There is also some whiskering and honeycomb to add more to the natural feel. I would say it is a little paler than the photo above. The details don’t fall on the exact spots as they should on me, but I am used to that with most jeans as I am only 5’8 and that is nothing a cuff can’t fix as I said above.

R13 is on the more pricey side, but they are really worth the investment. If you are like me and looking for a pair of jeans that have the heritage of jeans without sacrificing comfort, you should definitely try this pair out. I couldn’t rave about them more. You can click here to purchase them at Shopbop for $325.

Jeans Courtesy of R13.