Your Guide To Fidelity Jeans [May 2021]

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Fidelity Denim is a medium sized company from Canada

You can find them online at and on instagram at

After reviewing Fidelity Denim’s reviews across all fits, they’ve scored a 4.52/5.
You can find their fit guide online at

They are carried by Nordstrom, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more.

Editor’s Choice


Fidelity from Neiman Marcus $224.00

These jeans are a great fit for people with a more athletic build. The jeans are durable and have a great stretch.

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How to wash fidelity jeans

Fill the washing machine with cold water and turn the jeans inside out. Put them in the washing machine with only items that match that color. Air dry after washing on a delicate cycle.

Popular Styles From Fidelity Denim

The most popular styles…

Fidelity Denim Jimmy

These jeans had a rating of 4.07 out of 5. You can buy a pair from Grailed for $35.00

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  • What Customers Are Saying About Fidelity Denim

    Of the 48 reviews we analyzed, 33 were positive, 11 were negative, and 4 were neutral. Below are a few snippets from the reviews.

    “Athletic Fit + Airflex = Match Made in Heaven”

    “Best Jeans Ever”

    “Best Jeans I’ve ever worn.”

    “Buy them!!”

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    Interview With Fidelity Denim

    Today we are featuring an interview the had with Fidelity Denim designer, Jason Trotzuk. Fidelity is a big premium denim brand in Canada, and its begun making its way to the U.S. for some time now, with many celebrity fans.

    DenimBlog: So tell us about Fidelity. Why should people buy a pair of Fidelity’s if they are die hard fans of brands like Rock & Republic or 7 for All Mankind?

    Jason: Fidelity Women’s is a luxury jeans brand for the contemporary modern women. Focusing on the 3 F’sÔǪ fabric, fit and finish. Fidelity used the best fabrics, impeccable fits and amazing finishes. We are devoted to making the best jeans on the market. Fidelity Men’sÔǪ”the Modern day original”ÔǪ is based of the 3 F principal, but is for the “Original Blue Jeans” man. A classic jean for true denim wearersÔǪ. Vintage washes and details, nothing flashyÔǪNO decked out pockets or crazy stitch detail, just great fitting premium jeans. Why should people buy a pair of Fidelity’s over the other brands??? So much of the high-end denim market has been based on hypeÔǪall fluff and no foundation. Fidelity’s focus is always on the customer and making an incredible and timeless pair of jeansÔǪend of storyÔǪwe focus on doing things right where others wrongÔǪ details on fabric fit and finish where others fall shortÔǪ

    DB: We hear Fidelity is known for its fit. Give us some pointers on picking the right type of jeans for your body type, which styles of Fidelity you recommend our readers try?

    Jason: All of our styles/fits are created with purposewhether everyday jeans or fashion jeans, we have many different fits but here are a few of the essentials:
    HYACINTH Р5 Pocket Trouser jeanswide leg mid risefits all body typesalways dressy!!!
    BELLADONNA– Mid Rise Boot CutÔǪMost versatile cut for a womanÔǪThe Belladonna medium rise is the perfect rise @ 8.5”, the thigh is slimming and the boot cut open allows for both dressy or casual occasions.
    THE LUX Рflare, Do some damage with this cutclean tailor details on a 5-pocket jean with a long lean flare.

    Again, there are many bodies too numerous to mention, but our specialty is our fitÔǪ many customers swear by our “uplifting” qualities and Fidelity has been coined as the “butt bra jean”.

    DB: Can anyone wear skinny jeans or should only smaller sized women go there?

    Jason: I think anyone can wear skinny jeans…if the designer knows how to properly cut the shape of the legÔǪa skinny can fit anyoneÔǪthat’s what makes Fidelity skinnies differentÔǪ I think of skinny as more of an accessory that goes with your top and shoes or bootsÔǪsure there are the toothpick women who can wear them any way imaginable.

    DB: What do you see being the next big style in denim for 2008/2009? i.e. Are skinnies still in, or do we stick to high rise wide leg styles, or something else?

    Jason: I think the brand will be the next big styleÔǪwe have bounced all over the fashion map with high, low, skinny, wideÔǪthe next big style may be the high low skinny wide the way things are goingÔǪha ha. It is time to go back to basicsÔǪnot in terms of style but in terms of a brand having clarity to capture the quintessential look and feeling that is denim. A good brand designs for its customer and if its focus is always the customer then it will never go out of style and will always be relevant!!!! Having said all thatÔǪif I was pick a great look for Fall ÔÇÿ08ÔǪ.it would be the lean mean classic and clean straight leg!!!

    DB: Do you see lighter colored jeans becoming big in the denim industry for 2008/2009? That’s what are we hearing, a throw back to the 1990’s. And what about brightly colored denim – has that trend come and gone?

    Jason: We forget that when colored denim was in back in the early 90’s, it was inexpensive! Everyone tries to bring it back and it never sticks, if it is cheap and disposable I think colored denim has a chanceÔǪI would rather see non denim pinstripes and trouser looks in the fashion marketÔǪthat is always hot!!! Brightly colored denimÔǪhmmm, no!

    DB: Is premium denim all about the fit and fabric or the logo on the pockets?

    Jason: It is all the above, anyone can find a jean maker in LA and have them produce a high priced jean (believe me, almost anyone does)ÔǪdoesn’t mean it’s high end! There are only a handful of great denim designers. Designing denim is very complicated and a good denim designer must spend the same amount of time as a designer who puts together a fashion sportswear collectionÔǪthe challenge is to put the right denim with the right wash, with the right topstitch, with the right packaging, with the right pocket with the right fit etcÔǪand that’s just one styleÔǪnow do it for 80 more stylesÔǪ.a designer who has mastery over all those aspects is a real denim designer!

    DB: Why should someone who’s used to buying less expensive denim try a pair of Fidelity jeans? And does premium denim necessarily equal better quality?

    Jason: Premium should totally mean better quality, better fit, better wash, better fabric, better detailing, better hardware, better everythingÔǪall these things go into a premium jeanÔǪ.to cut any corners means a compromise in quality. Fabric suppliers are always sending me a cheaper version of a high end denim telling me it’s exactly the sameÔǪand it never is!!! It never fits the same, it never washes the same, it never looks the sameÔǪ

    DB: What is your favorite style for men and for women of Fidelity’s?

    Jason: MEN’S: My favorite style is the Slim Jim, it’s lean, mean and will kick you in the ass if you don’t watch it.
    WOMEN’S: out of the many styles, the Hyacinth 5-pocket wide is still my favorite. Looks great on anyoneÔǪalways a classic never goes out of style.

    DB: What celebs are currently big fans of Fidelity jeans?

    Jason: Some of the names include Heidi Montag, Blake Lively, Kristen Cavalleri, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Virginia Madsen, Debra Messing, Vanessa Minillo, Susie Castillo, Victoria Recano and a ton of others.

    DB: What online stores can our readers pick up a pair of Fidelity’s in?

    Jason: Check our website – for online and retail stores but has a great selection.

    DB: What brands besides Fidelity might we spot you in – what are your favorites?

    Jason: Levi’sÔǪ where it all started, they are the “Old original” and Fidelity is the “New Original”.

    DB: How should readers care for their premium denim? Do you go for month’s without washing yours like some people do?

    Jason: Wash them sparinglycold water wash, hand to dry.dry clean is also an option.

    Check out some pictures of Fidelity’s latest line below!