AG Legging Jeans Review

The legging, AG legging jeans

The Legging Ankle Jeans

Light wash, cropped ankle legging jeans from AG

$235.00 from ShopBop

Review of AG’s The Legging Jeans

My review this week is a little different as it’s on a pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans, which I purchased last week on Shopbop. I only own two pairs of AG Jeans and one of those were their famous Ex Boyfriend jeans from years ago, and also their Stilts, so this was my first time trying their Legging fit as well as a non distressed wash from the brand.

I had been staring at these jeans for about a week on Shopbop (before I bought them) and I was hesitant on clicking the purchase button based on a couple of reasons. One was because I wasn’t sure which size to pick and the other was due to the fact I wasn’t sure how the wash looked in person. It looks pretty on Shopbop, with the lighter depth to it, yet on the actual AG site it looked so much darker. Ideally I was after a lighter wash, so this is why I was worried at first. After doing tonnes of research, which I usually do, I decided to opt for a 26 and go for it, hoping for the best.

I took a 26 in these because I don’t like it when my jeans fit nice at first, but then become baggy, which happens often. I knew I would be wearing these a lot if the wash was what I wanted, so that’s why I sized down, as I could stretch them out to the perfect fit through wear. I was able to put these on perfectly fine when I got them, they were really tight in the waist and the butt, but due to the heavy stretch content of the jeans, they were fine to wear, even with the restriction. I am glad I took a 26 as I have worn them 4 out of 5 days so far and they are giving a bit. They are more comfortable in the butt and thighs, but the waist is still a little tight at the moment. I would say these run true to size for AG Jeans, but I’m thinking they will stretch out about a half a size or so in total with regular wear, so you may want to keep that in mind if you purchase them.

The Legging fit is a super skinny, lower rise and very beautiful cut from the brand. I always loved the amazing washes that AG created, but I found their Stilt to just not be skinny enough for me, so I am incredibly glad they brought out The Legging a while back as it’s the perfect cut for my shape it seems. It fits me everywhere just fine, although the inseam is a little bunchy, but only slightly so it’s not a big deal. The back pocket shape slightly tilts out to the sides as you can see below and I find this really flattering. It sort of goes with the curve of your butt and rounds it nicely. Although I am not a big fan of pocket embroidery, I don’t mind the AG stitching as it’s not too bold or heavy, I actually think it gives them character and adds to the look. In terms of cut and waist to thigh ratio, I would say that these are smaller in the waist than a few other brands as well.

Now for the 12 Years Dwight wash, it’s not the exact shade of blue that I originally wanted as it’s darker than on the Shopbop website, but not as dark as on the AG website, so it’s a good colour in between. I would say it’s more like images 8 and 10 in the gallery below. It’s sort of a duller faded blue, with more grey tones to it than intense blue tones, but it is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve included loads of different photos for you to see and I included the laid flat ones so you can see the whiskering and honeycombs. Even though they came out bright blue in those photos (that exact colour is not a great representation) they show up the details much more.

I do in all honesty think this is one of the most beautiful mid blue washes that I own. They do remind me so much of a really washed out and worn in pair of raw jeans. The way the whiskers at the lap and the honeycombs behind the knees fall are pretty much perfect, but there are other random faded patches throughout as well. At the lap area there are a couple and also at the back of the hems where the jeans would essentially hit the shoes are faded too, as well as the front of the knees. I also noticed that the whiskers down the inner thigh are darker than the actual wash too. That’s unusual as whiskering is usually lighter and faded, but the fact these have darker ones is really intriguing and it adds a little more to the overall look in my opinion. It’s been a while since I could really appreciate and just stare at a pair of beautiful blue jeans. I find them almost to be like an art form and I get mesmerized sometimes when I can’t stop looking at them. But then that does come from my obsession with jeans and denim in general.

As for the actual fabric, like I said they are stretchy, but no where near as stretchy as a lot of legging jeans I own. They don’t have that spandex pull to the them which a lot have. These are made up of cotton, lyocell and polyurethane, so they are very soft and comfortable on the skin. They are light weight too, so quite thin, yet they still feel very much like regular jeans. I would say they are just a much thinner, stretchier and skinnier version of their Stilt cut. I also saw that Shopbop has almost all 5 star reviews on these jeans from customers too, so it’s not just me who has fallen in love with them.

With my reviews I always like to point out the positives and negatives of the jeans, however I honestly can’t find any negatives with these. Perhaps the waist could be cut a little bigger, but that’s the only thing I could think of and that’s purely just to suit my body shape so it’s not really an issue. I’m glad that I bought them as they are definitely worth the money in my opinion. I’ve listed the measurements of my size 26 so you can see them just below. Has anyone else got these jeans? Buy these jeans online at for $215.

Waist aligned – 15″
Rise – 7.25″
Hips – 16.5″ – 17″
Mid thigh – 7.5″
Inseam -31″
Leg opening – 5.25″