10 Classic Jeans You Need For Winter From J Brand


As J Brand has been a classic, long standing brand in the premium denim industry over the past decade, I thought it might be nice to share with you some of their iconic jeans cuts and styles for Winter. These are jeans that are absolutely gorgeous and on trend, as well as pairs that can withstand the test of time. Some of these have been in the J Brand collection for years, while some are newer, but one thing is certain and that’s the fact that these cuts are an ultimate classic and deserve to be noted!

One thing that makes J Brand so popular is the fact that their details remain minimal and subtle. They have no back pocket branding, the smallest amount of details and everything is kept clean. You can just tell them apart due to the stitching at the crotch, the corners of the back pockets and the little J on the button. All of this makes them so stylish and long wearing, there’s nothing about them that could seem dated in the slightest and I love that. So, see which 10 J Brand styles I featured below!

j brand tonya leather

J Brand Tonya Biker in Mulberry Leather

First up is one of their newer styles, it’s the Tonya biker/moto cut, but I featured it in the new burgundy leather for Winter. These have to be my absolute favourites at the moment, I can’t get enough of them. Not only is the cut and detailing on these incredible, but the colour is amazing with that sheen. If it wasn’t for the price tag, these would definitely be in my closet right now!

j brand 811

J Brand 811 in Ink

The 811 cut from J Brand has been popular for a few years now, it’s a mid rise of 8 inches with a skinny 11 inch leg opening, hence the name 811. The Ink wash was one of their originals and it’s the ultimate indigo, so combining the two, you are in for a great mid rise skinny! The best you could ask for!

j brand maria

J Brand Maria High Rise in Dove

The Maria has been around for a few years and it’s J Brand’s high rise super skinny jean. It comes in so many washes, but one of the best ones so far this year has to be the Dove grey. I own this wash myself and it truly is an amazing grey jean, I love it! Since higher rise jeans hide a multitude of sins and are in fashion, these are a great pair to have in your closet. Plus, who doesn’t need grey? We all do!

j brand 620

J Brand 620 Legging in Enigma

The 620 Legging style jean has been a contender for a few years as well. It’s a high rise, super skinny, super light weight and stretchy jean which is incredibly comfortable. It comes in so many washes just like all of the others, but I thought a mid blue would be a great one to opt for.

j brand leather

J Brand Skinny Leather in Black

Now what would this J Brand Jeans list be without a pair of their ultimate leathers? We have seen the likes of everyone in the leathers by J Brand and they are amazing. Super skinny, super soft and stretchy and oh so flattering. What more could you ask for in a classic black leather pant?

j brand lovestory

J Brand Lovestory Flares in Ingenue

The Lovestory flares are J Brand’s most known flared jeans, being worn by everyone and being noticed due to the really thick hem. They feature a mid to high rise and a really wide leg opening, making them perfect for the 70’s trend now or just dressing up with blazers and sweaters. Flares are somewhat timeless and due to the style of these, these are too.

j brand alana

J Brand Alana High Rise Crop in Offbeat

You might notice these Alana jeans after seeing them on Hilary Duff numerous times, but they sure are a great pair of jeans to have in your collection. They are cropped with a frayed hem making them work for most leg lengths, they feature a high rise and some distressing, what more could you ask for? These definitely vamp up the usual plain blacks.

j brand 910

J Brand 910 Skinny in Ink

Who remember’s the 910? One of J Brand’s original cuts from the beginning. It came out after the 912 and it’s the skinnier version which remained the most popular. It has a 7 inch rise and a 10 inch leg opening, coming in the Ink wash (which you know is the ultimate indigo) so you couldn’t ask for a better, more iconic, low rise dark blue jean!

j brand betty

J Brand Betty Bootcut in Vanity

Bootcut jeans don’t seem to be very popular anymore unfortunately, but the Betty seems to be a much slimmer version which makes them incredibly versatile. For those of you who aren’t so into skinny jeans and prefer something less tight, these might be the ones for you! A bootcut is always a classic, so why not keep it flattering and slim with these?

j brand caitland

J Brand Caitland Boyfriend Jeans in Invited

Finally we have one of their boyfriends. Their slouchy, easy cuts tend to come and go, but one of the latest cuts is called Caitland and I think it’s really flattering. It’s slimmer in the thighs so it’s not overwhelming and it has a dark wash with a thick cuff, making these quite appealing. Too many times a boyfriend jean can overwhelm your frame, but these wont, so they will definitely stand the test of time!

– Which J Brand Jeans are your favourites and you think are classics?