Denim Review: J Brand Agnes Pants In Vintage Navy

This weeks review is on J Brand’s new Agnes fit in the Vintage Navy Twill wash. I took a size down in these from my Houlihan in Vintage Olive size because I think the Agnes is better suited to being worn tighter than loose like the cargos. They do run the same as the Houlihan’s in Vintage Olive though so the sizing is pretty consistent.

I couldn’t work out if I liked these more than the Houlihan’s or not, I think I may like them equally but there is something about these Agnes that just make them so different and likable. I love the zippers on the lap area and the extra long zippers at the ankles, so combining those with the moto style stitching around the knee area, really makes these something special! The other thing that makes me slightly more partial to the Agnes over the Houlihan is the back pockets, these actually have pockets on the back where as the Houlihan just have flaps.

I find these to be a lot more skinny than the Houlihan though, but then that may be because I took a size down. They just feel skinnier in the calf area and at the ankles. The Twill fabric is amazing! It’s so soft and so stretchy, it’s one of my favourite fabrics around at the moment and the washes that J Brand have been bringing this Agnes cut out in are beautiful! I adore the Stealth wash but the Vintage Navy is definitely a lot more practical and wearable for every day errands.

I think, just like the Houlihan took the world by storm last season, the Agnes is definitely the cut to watch out for! We have already seen it on a lot of celebs but I can see it popping up a lot more now they have released it in many washes. I would absolutely recommend this cut to you if you haven’t yet tried it, if you are a fan of the Houlihan then you will adore these! I find it’s always nice to make a change in what you wear sometimes, as much as we love denim here at DenimBlog, it is nice to have a break and wear a different style and fabric from a denim brand every now and then. Buy J Brand Agnes pants at J Brand.

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Jeans courtesy of J Brand.