7 For All Mankind Dojo Jeans

High waisted skinny fit version of the Dojo jeans with a raw hem

$199.00 from 7 For All Mankind

This weeks review is on a style of jeans that I didn’t think I would like. I fell in love with these 7 For All Mankind Dojo jeans in Daring Cleo when I first saw them on Jessica Alba a little while ago and then Kourtney Kardashian. They are such a beautiful cut and they are perfect for the Fall trend of flared jeans. I thought, 7 For All Mankind are really pushing their Trouser Story jeans for Fall, so who better than the wonderful brand to try a pair?

I wasn’t 100% sure on these jeans when I first got them. The Dojo cut is very new to me and the thing that was throwing me off was how loose they are around the knees. As you know, I am always used to tight fitting jeans and it was quite strange to get used to jeans fitting tight in the hips and butt area but loose down the legs. After feeling my legs have some breathing space and get used to it, I really liked the fit. The thing I love most about them is the length, they are super long so pairing them with high heels really makes your legs look long and lean. The rise is also not too high like it is on most trouser jeans, the rise is a standard jeans height and the back pockets are 7 For All Mankind’s classic fit, but they don’t have their signature embroidery, they are completely plain. These jeans for me are also true to size, I took my normal 7 For All Mankind jeans size and they fit perfectly.

When I first saw these jeans, the thing that got me hooked on them was the wash, it’s so pretty! I had always wanted a lighter washed pair of flared jeans but a wash that had some character to it, not too plain and not too over the top. This Daring Cleo wash is just that! It’s the perfect shade of mid blue but it has nice lap whiskering details and it’s lighter around the thigh area. I really like it! I can’t see myself doing a jean that is any wider than these though, I think this is the widest I will go when it comes to trouser jeans. I can definitely see why the celebs are loving this jean in particular! I hope we see a lot more of it! Buy these jeans at 7 For All Mankind for $189.

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Jeans courtesy of 7 For All Mankind.