Koral Spring Summer 2014 Press Day

Here are photos from the new Koral Spring/Summer 2014 press day. I got to see the new collection in London last month and if I wasn’t already a big enough fan of Koral, I fell in love with it even more! They really branched out with their styles this coming season and I wasn’t expecting it.

The jeans above with the moto knee details, hip zippers and ankle zippers were my favourite from the entire collection. I fell in love with the style of them, the knee stitching is perfect! I would definitely love to own these jeans! They came in red as well, so if you aren’t into the blue so much, you might like the red. Another jean which I thought was cool was the bleached white acid wash with black detailing on it (image 2). They had an interesting patchwork kind of vibe to them.

Koral also had a jean that was incredibly inventive, they took the snake print a few steps further and actually made a jean that looked like snake skin. In images 6 and 7 you can see them, they have metallic coating in the print and when you feel them, they actually feel quite stiff and textured. From experience of holding snakes, they are generally really smooth, so of course the two don’t feel the same, but the appearance these jeans have is very similar. I was incredibly impressed with the detail that has gone into these! I think the distressed patches on the front actually ruin the wash a bit though as they become too much and too over the top, but I do like the print!

They had some zippered classic blue shorts, some classic blue jeans in regular blue washes with fading, whiskering and honeycombs, as well as some black jeans with seams. There was a pair of white distressed jeans as well and even some varied cuts. They didn’t only have skinny jeans! There were some denim jackets too, you can see a white bleached black denim jacket just below which was beautiful and then a patchy print denim jacket too. You might also be interested in hearing that Koral have taken their brand a step further and ventured into tops! They have some easy wearing tanks and tees in their line now and they were super soft! You can see all of the styles below! What do you think?

Images belong to Lorna Burford/DenimBlog.com.