Wrangler & Wrangler Bluebell Press Day Preview

Here are a few preview photos from the Wrangler and Wrangler Bluebell Autumn/Winter 2011 collections that I saw at Surgery PR in London last week. The Wrangler line is really big and features a lot of different jeans and other denim items like tops and shirts. They have a couple of jeans in particular, the photo above, that I found really interesting! They have words and patterns lasered into the fabric.

The Wrangler Bluebell collection is a lot smaller and a tighter collection for the men. It features a tonne of denim jackets and a few different washed jeans, including bright colours which were muted and more dull to suit the colder months. The Wrangler Bluebell collection is the top 3 images in the gallery and the Wrangler collection is the rest of the 6 images. You can also enter one of Wrangler’s cool competitions they have running with Selfridges right now. Check it out here. So what do you think of the collections?

For those of you waiting for the Paige Premium press day photos, I am not allowed to post them just yet. I will as soon as I can, but I will tell you that the collection is amazing!

Images courtesy of Lorna Burford/DenimBlog.com