Kasil to collaborate with Taylor Jacobson

For all of you Rachel Zoe fans, good news! Taylor Jacobson is slated to collaborate with Kasil jeans. The denim brand will be releasing their denim line, “The Workshop by Kasil” which will feature Jacobson.

Taylor Jacobson left Rachel Zoe to become a freelance stylist, and soon after she departed, she met with Kasil creative director, David Lim. The two quickly learned that they both shared a viewpoint for denim. As Lim explained, ““As soon as we met, we found the one thing we have in common is the same idea as far as how we would like the overall jean to lookÔÇöwhich is clean, classic, no bells and whistles, just really simple,”

The Kasil + Jacobson line will feature a jean, titled the Minx, which will have a super skinny, yet a stretchy fit. Jacobson expressed her preferred fit, “I really like the ultra skinny, narrow through the leg, very fitted in the knee, not a big opening at all.”

The Minx will be cut in four different washes and with unique details, like leather threading on pockets. The Minx is the first of the collaboration between the stylist and the brand, which eventually will feature dresses, jackets and more denim styles. The Minx will retail for $168.