Best Mens Dress Shirts [November 2019]

what are the best dress shirt brands?

According to Esquire Magazine the following are the best dress shirt brands.
Banana Republic
Ralph Lauren
Valentino (very expensive 659.00 turtleneck)
The Tie Bar
J Crew

Best Fabric for Mens Dress shirts?

A lot of people don’t understand just how many fabrics there are. If you’re used to wearing cotton t-shirts all the time, you might not even realize that cotton is a terrible material for dress shirts.

Instead, I’d recommend one of these fabrics:

Broadcloth – Also known as poplin, this fabric has a tight-knit that makes it perfect for dress shirts. It has a special weave that makes it very flat, which is great for guys who hate shiny shirts.

Twill: This material has a diagonal texture that’s visible to the eye. It’s slightly shinier than broadcloth, which gives it a very elegant look.

End-on-end: These shirts are woven with two distinctly colored threads (i.e blue and white or light blue and dark blue). The design gives them somewhat of a “checkerboard” pattern if you look up close.

Oxford cloth: Oxford fabric is similar to end-on-end cloth. However, it’s made from a denser thread. So, these shirts tend to have a thick, rugged feeling to them.

For more men’s dress shirt fabrics, check out this article from

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  • How Many Dress Shirts Should a Man Own?

    This is a question that constantly comes up with men:

    How many dress shirts should I have in my closet?

    Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dry answer here. It mostly depends on what you do for work and how often you have to dress up.

    If you work in an office and you have to wear a dress shirt every day, you should have at least 15.

    In most cases, you’ll want to have more. That way, you can avoid wearing the same shirt twice in a week (or even twice in two weeks).

    If you’re a carpenter, on the other hand, you probably don’t need that many dress shirts.

    You’ll definitely want a few to wear to weddings, parties, date night, etc. So, my recommendation for is to own 5-10 different dress shirts.

    Use your best judgment and buy enough so that you don’t wear the same shirt to every event (people will notice, I promise).

    who makes the best quality traditional mens dress shirts?

    There are many dress shirts out there, but which was is gonna give you the most bang for your buck?
    Anna Mattuozzo is one of the best quality shirt tailors out there. She honors the time proven tradition of hand tailoring that takes 21 days to perfect.
    Battistoni is also one to honor the traditions of classic quality shirt tailoring that was made in post WWII era.
    Ralph Lauren, Barba Napoli, and Brioni round out the top five quality dress shirt brands that will be sure to please you.

    what is the best material for summer dress shirts mens

    When it comes to beating the heat in the summer when wearing dress shirts, lightweight material that is breathable is the best solution you can have. Linen is the best material that a man can wear in the summer. It is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

    What are the most popular dress shirt fabrics?

    Oxford cloth is one of the most popular fabrics. Poplin is also popular because it is lightweight and breathable. Rounding the list off of the top three most popular dress shirt fabrics is broadcloth fabric.