What Is Selvedge Denim [April 2020]

Is Selvedge Denim Better?

When it comes to selvedge denim being better, it refers to the process of the making the denim. Selvedge is better when it comes to the durability of the jean because the selvedge denim hems are much more tightly woven which allows the jean to last longer.

What Is The Difference Between Selvedge And Raw Denim?

The difference between raw and selvedge is the way they are made. Raw denim is not washed during the process and therefore they are a lighter cheaper brand of jean. Selvedge denim is tightly woven and have a more refined feel and better quality

What Is Japanese Selvedge Denim?

Japanese selvedge denim is made on a loom that was fashioned back in the 1920s and is a very precisely woven denim. It is a rough fabric. The quality of the weave is great because of how tightly woven the denim is, but they are not always preferred by consumers because consumers like the imperfections in the denim.

Does Selvedge Denim Shrink?

Yes, selvedge denim will shrink 5-10 percent