Diesel Jeans Review [June 2024]

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If you’ve been around denim since the early 2000s, then you are well aware of Diesel. Once the crown jewel of premium denim, Diesel was a pioneer in bringing the Italian style and quality to the US., pioneering premium denim, high-fashion denim, and celebrity endorsements.

You can find them online at shop.diesel.com and on instagram at www.instagram.com/diesel

You can find their fit guide online at thehut.com/blog/fashion/diesel-denim-jeans-fit-guide-for-men/

After reviewing 124 reviews across the web, Diesel scored a 4.60/5.

They are carried by Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Nordstrom

Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more.

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  • Editor’s Choice


    Diesel from Farfetch $375.00

    High-Rise Straight Leg Jeans are a great choice for people who want a high rise and a straight leg. These jeans are made of 100% cotton, so they are very comfortable. They are also available in a variety of colors.

    Research About Diesel Jeans

    Diesel’s Best Jeans

    Our picks for the best Diesel jeans…

    Diesel Jeans Fit Guide

    Most reports and my own experience with Diesel is that they are true to size. In 2018, they have a bunch of different fits, so you can really find anything from relaxed to skinny to whatever falls in between.

    When in doubt, choose Reddit — great info from helpful Redditors about fit

    Truth be told, Diesel is more renowned for their stylish look, not their comfy fit. I am a huge DL1961 fan simply because they are so comfy and true to size.

    In short, no need to size up or down, but if comfort is kind, look to other options.

    How do you know if Diesel jeans are authentic?

    For some, labels are everything. To make sure your purchase is the real deal, look for these tips to make sure you are getting your Diesel jeans.

    The tag will be on the inside with an Indian head saying Disel-Only-The-Brave.
    It will have SIZE underneath it.

    Under the size label will be the wash instruction and will have the Made in label. It should say Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and Romania.

    On the washing instructions it will have MOD-make sure the model tag matches the actual make of the jeans

    On the Indian head label, there should be a line of stitching that says Diesel.
    Check the buttons on the jeans, some should be branded with the Diesel name.

    Brands Similar to Diesel

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  • Nobody Denim
  • DL1961
  • Amour Vert
  • What Customers Are Saying About Diesel

    Of the 124 reviews we analyzed, 116 were positive, 4 were negative, and 4 were neutral. Below are a few snippets from the reviews.

    “Although expensive the quality is worth it”

    “Awesome fit”

    “Best fitting jeans”

    “Blue suede boots”

    Why Diesel jeans are so expensive?

    Diesel jeans are more expensive than other jeans because of their higher quality, which includes better fabric, more durable construction, and higher-quality stitching.

    Do people still wear Diesel jeans?

    Diesel jeans are still popular among some people.

    Are Diesel Jeans good quality?

    Diesel jeans are good quality.

    Popular Styles From Diesel

    The most popular styles…

    Diesel Tepphar

    These jeans had a rating of 4.55 out of 5. You can buy a pair from Grailed for $43.00

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