Raw Selvedge Denim [April 2020]

Selvedge denim is what is considered a raw edge denim. There is a tightly woven band on both edges on the fabric. It prevents the denim from unravelling and it is a clean look.

Selvedge is stiffer and more durable than mass-market denim (hence the “raw” part). Notably, there is a huge subculture of denim aficionados that only wear selvedge, as they prefer the fit, wash, and quality.

What Are The Best Selvedge Jeans?

Research Into Selvedge Denim

Is Selvedge Denim Better?

It is considered better because the tightly woven edges and material is more durable and helps prevent unravelling.

Also, selvedge denim is not “blended” like many other fabrics used in jeans, meaning its more durable that many other premium jeans out there.

Online Conversations About Selvedge Denim

REally detailed description of fabrics available in China

Saw some interesting raw/selvedge denim coming out of China, (Sauce Zhan, Bob Dong…etc) and as a non-raw denim head, I’ve always wondered how the Chinese options compared to options that are easily found here in the States. With brands like Uniqlo, (made in China, $50, selvedge with 2% stretch) and Goodfellow & Co from Target (made in Bangladesh, $40, selvedge, no stretch 100% cotton, see my other post) pushing selvedge denim to the mass market, I was even more curious about a Chinese options.

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Raw Selvedge Denim Trends


Searches for raw selvedge denim hit their peak around 2013 but have stayed relatively consistent.

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