Denim Review: J Brand 835 Baroque Jeans in Plum

This weeks review is on J Brand’s 835 Baroque print cropped jeans in Plum which was requested by Jen on Instagram. I got these jeans as a gift and not for reviewing purposes, however since I was asked to review them, I don’t mind doing it for you guys.

This is my first time trying the 835 fit actually. It’s a mid rise cropped super skinny jean and the fabric feels more like a twill than actual denim though. It’s really soft and lightweight at around 7oz, so it’s perfect for the warmer weather. Although this fit isn’t my favourite, it is very comfortable. It’s skinny all over, but I find that the inseam length hits at an awkward place for me. I don’t have very long legs as you know so I feel like they should be a little bit shorter or a bit longer, but they are never going to fit perfect for everyone as all of our legs are different.

The back pockets are also quite high up again so they don’t fit exactly in the position I like them too. I also found them to be a little bit wide spaced so there is quite a big gap in the middle and they creep around to the sides. It’s not awful like this, but definitely not a preference of mine. I prefer them central and to hit in the middle of the butt so the pockets are lower down.

I took a size 27 in these (my usual size) and they fit fine. I would say they run a little bit tighter than other J Brand jeans I have, down to the fabric, but they stretch out a bit so they are comfortable. The print though is my favourite part about these jeans, I love the subtlety it has to it and the fact that it doesn’t stand out and look too bold. It’s really wearable and versatile which is not something you can find easily in printed jeans. It reminds me of a mix of paisley and tapestry and I find it really cute. It doesn’t look old fashioned like you might expect, it looks quite fun and fresh.

So overall I love the Baroque print and the Plum colour suits it well, the fabric is really soft and comfortable, but the fit isn’t my favourite. It’s not a J Brand cut I would pick over others like the 910 or 901, those are my favourite ones! Have any of you tried the Baroque print? Do you like it? You can buy them online here at