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My top pick for joggjeans, great green color, drawstring at the waistband and blended fabric for comfort.

$278.00 from Diesel

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My denim review this week is on the Diesel Grupee Jogg Jeans in 0606C. You may remember that I originally tried one of the very first pairs of Jogg Jeans years ago, in a boyfriend fit, but these are one of the brands latest styles, in their regular fits. Unlike other Jogg Jeans with the drawstring tie at the waist, these have a button, so without looking at them closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

The fit is the Grupee, which is a skinny jean with a low rise from Diesel. It’s not quite as skinny as I would like as I tend to prefer my jeans super tight all the way down, but it’s based off of a classic skinny. I actually had to size down to a 25 in these too. The Jogg Jeans for women come in sizes 23, 25, 27, 29 etc, and no in-between sizes. The original 27 I tried ended up being too big. They fitted, but they were loose in the legs and the waist which was no good for me. I had to go down to a 25 to get them to fit slim in the legs, but now these are actually quite tight in the waist, but due to the fact that they are a Jogg Jean, it’s not too uncomfortable.

The inseam is of a standard length so you can’t choose 30, 32 or 34 like you usually can and I would say the length these are is around 32 inches, so an average length. This is why they give me bunching at the ankles. The inseams at the hems also have a little split on them, for detail and it helps them sit over shoes a little better. They have a beige leather patch for the coin pocket and of course like most Diesel jeans, the fit on the butt is perfect. Diesel have always been great at perfecting the flattering back pockets and these are no exception. They are the right height, the right width and the right placement and angle to really enhance the butt.

Now moving onto the actual Jogg Jeans material, it’s a combination of 90% Cotton, 8% Polyester and 2% Elastane. The idea behind them is that they are a hybrid material, mixed with sweat pant and denim. I’ve felt a lot of the men’s Jogg Jeans in various fits as my boyfriend has quite a few pairs, and in comparison, I have to say that these feel a lot thinner and less softer actually. It might be because they are women’s, or because of this particular wash, but I haven’t felt enough others to be sure. I think the men’s Jogg Jean material is a lot nicer, it’s thicker and more stretchy and soft to wear, making them actually feel more like sweat pants, where as like I mentioned with these, they are much thinner and less stretchy. They are still the most stretchiest Diesel jeans that I own and the most easy to wear, don’t get me wrong, but if I am comparing them to other Joggs, they aren’t as nice. To me they feel more like a really thin pair of jeans more so than a Jogg Jean. Perhaps another wash or another fit like Fayza might change that.

The 0606C wash is a pretty mid blue wash with whiskering as you can see. It has fading down the thighs, on the knees and on the butt to imitate worn in denim and I always give credit to Diesel when it comes to their washes. They have one of the best design teams and are responsible for some of the most amazing washes years ago like 71J, 772, 61X, 81M etc. These are quite minimal which is nice to see though, they aren’t too overdone or in your face at all and they are a great mid blue for the Summer months. Especially combined with the thinner fabric.

If you are a fan of Diesel jeans and are looking for something more comfortable (as I know regular denim can now be restricting as times change), then I would definitely recommend Jogg Jeans to you. They are really cool and much more wearable. There’s no restrictions in terms of your movements like regular older Diesel denim. You can do what you want in them. I would love to know your thoughts on Jogg Jeans and how you feel the men’s fabric compares to the women’s if you have had experience with both! You can buy these jeans online at Amazon here and you can read the men’s review on the Tepphar here.

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