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DenimBlog’s Paige Jeans Review

Paige Jeans

Paige Jeans

Founded in 2004, Paige jeans are all about fit. In fact, the brand’s namesake, Paige Adams-Geller, was a well known fit model before starting her denim line.

After the launch of the first collection in 2005, the brand became an instant hit and garnered a huge following with the likes of Gwen Stefani and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocking Paige. (In fact, Rosie had a multi-season collaboration.)

Still one of the leading brands in the denim industry, Paige recently launched men’s (worn notably by Bradley Cooper) and more offerings than just denim.

That said, their denim line is still fresh with prints and interesting cuts like the Flora Frayed hem.

Paige Jeans Fit Guide

With Adams-Geller’s past as a fit model, fit is a huge focus for the brand depending on the fabric. As their TRANSCEND fabric is is a lightweight denim, there is the possibility of being able to size down, especially if you want a tighter fit.

Size Chart for Paige Denim

Though with a heavy focus on this fabrication, they do still offer more classic denim fabrications that allow you to stay with your true size.

👍 Rule of Thumb Mostly true to fit, with certain fabrics — like the TRANSCEND — that allow you to size down for a tighter fit.

Do Paige Jeans Stretch Out?

Paige’s denim definitely has good stretch to them. They will form to your shape and hold you in. and with the introduction of their TRANSCEND fabric, this is all offered in a buttery soft feel.

Though as soft as can be, the denim is not compromised and still have integrity to them that makes them have great recovery even after many wears. They also have sturdiness to them and are very long lasting in not just fabric but also wash. Being that they contain less cotton based, the darker washes do hold their color. If you are looking for a dark blue or black with longevity, these by Paige are ones to consider.

Our Recommendations for Paige Jeans Review

Brigitte Vintage High Rise Boyfriend

PAIGE Brigitte Vintage High Rise Boyfriend $219.00

The new Brigitte is a more retro take on their popular Jimmy Jimmy cut. Reminiscent of the ’90s with their higher rise and slouchier fit, these will become your new go-to boyfriend jeans once you get your hands on them.

Nellie Clean Culotte

PAIGE Nellie Clean Culotte $199.00

PAIGE is all about a timeless classic. The Nellie is a chic new style that you can dress up or down. With it’s clean lines, they will go with everything and one that you can even wear to more upscale occasions.
Maternity Verdugo Ultra Skinny

PAIGE Maternity Verdugo Ultra Skinny $209.00

Pregnancy is a time when you just want to be as comfortable as possible and the TRANSCEND fabric by PAIGE is sure to do that. These are a classic black with some distressing that’ll keep you on trend during those expecting months.
Hoxton High Rise Skinny

PAIGE Hoxton High Rise Skinny $219.00

Everyone loves a good pair of leather-like jeans. Not only will they add instant edge to any look, but they are also animal friendly. Paige also makes some of the best coated styles that really mimic leather and comes in their TRANSCEND fabric, so they are sure to keep you comfortable throughout the day.
Editor’s Pick 🌟 Verdugo

Paige Jeans Verdugo $179.00

The most popular style offered by the brand, the Paige ‘Verdugo’ Ankle is a medium rise, skinny cut that is slim throughout the whole leg offering a sleek silhouette. It is also offered in multiple lengths like longer lengths and petites to ones that are cropped and hit you just right at the ankles.

Fabric and Color
Along with being offered in their signature TRANSCEND fabric, the Verdugo is also offered in more classic denim fabrications that are heavier in cotton for ones that prefer more rigidity to their jeans. When it comes to washes, there is no wash that that their most popular style has not touched. From whites and vintage blue inspired washes to the classic clean blues and blacks, the Verdugo is a style that is offered in it all.
Best High Rise Jean 🌟 Hoxton

Paige Denim Hoxton $189.00

The Paige ‘Hoxton’ Ultra Skinny is very similar in comparison to the popular ‘Verdugo’ style with the exception of a higher rise to offer more coverage for ones with this preference. They style is offered in a straight cut that carries the same fit at the waist in hips, but in an on-trend straight cut.

Fabric and Color
Just like the Verdugo, the Hoxton has become another popular style for the brand and is offered in a variety of washes from classics to even more fun ones like animal print.

Best Classic Look (Not Too Skinny) 🌟 Skyline

Paige Denim Skyline $190.00

The ‘Skyline’ was the original skinny jeans that Paige offered and it is still just as popular and updated over the seasons.

If you are looking for a skinny that is more classic and that is not super skinny, but still offering a slim silhouette, this is the style for you. They are cut slim at the waist and slim all the way down to the calves just like a classic skinny, but are cut with a slightly wider hem than the skinnies of now. This offers balance to the overall style.

Being one of the original skinny styles, the ‘Skyline’ is offered in washes that are just as classic with choices mostly in clean washes of dark blues and blacks. Though Paige does offer them in the occasional distressed as well.

Fabric and Color

Being one of the original skinny styles, the ‘Skyline’ is offered in washes that are just as classic with choices mostly in clean washes of dark blues and blacks. Though Paige does offer them in the occasional distressed as well.

What Jeans Are Similar to Paige Jeans?

Paige is definitely comparable to Citizens of Humanity and Rag and Bone with the sizing. So if you haven’t tried them out yet, the sizing is in parallel with their sizing.

Citizens of Humanity’s Chrissy Similar vs Paige’s Verdugo

In style and fit, the Chrissy are very similar to some of Paige’s jeans. The price is slightly more expensive, so consider yourself warned!

Citizens of Humanity's Chrissy

Citizens of Humanity’s Chrissy

< ahref="See the Chrissy on Shopbop" target="blank">See the Chrissy on ShopbopSee the Chrissy on Shopbop

Rag and Bone

I choose a fun, unique pair of Rag and Bone’s here, but their whole collection fits very close to Paige’s jeans.

Hina Jeans by Rag and Bong

Hina Jeans by Rag and Bong

< ahref="See these Rag and Bone jean + more on ShopBop" target="blank">See these Rag and Bone jean + more on ShopBopSee these Rag and Bone jean + more on ShopBop

J Brand Jeans vs Paige

Paige Margot Boyfriend Jeans

Paige Margot Boyfriend Jeans

With fabrications, their TRANSCEND (being that this is what the styles are very heavily based on recently) is definitely something that is true to the brand. There really isn’t any other brand that I would say this compares to as many other brands haven’t really touched this territory when it comes to their fabric recipes.

< ahref="See The Margot on Shopbop" target="blank">See The Margot on ShopbopSee The Margot on Shopbop

Celebs Wearing Paige

As Seen on…our favorite celebs in Paige denim

Gwen Stefani in Skyline Maternity Jeans

Gwen Stefani in Skyline Maternity Jeans

Gwen does a great job matching her red top with the dark wash of these jeans. V true to her style.

See These Paige Maternity Jeans Here

Rosie So Chic in Hoxton Transcend

Rosie So Chic in Hoxton Transcend

I’m a huge fan of Rosie’s style. She is so chic and these jeans are perfect alongside her leather jacker and heels.

See the Hoxton on Shopbop

Heidi in Skyline skinny jeans in Beachwood Destructed

Heidi in Skyline skinny jeans in Beachwood Destructed

Heidi has been seen in these (in different washes) quite a few times. Paige’s jeans look great on long legs, so I know why Heidi wears them so often.

See the Skyline Skinnies on Shopbop

Wrap Up on Paige Jeans

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